A family of wine growers

Tudanca wines have a long history. The family of Vicenta de las Heras were always wine growers: grandparents, great-grandparents, and other ancestors … Always La Horra was a town where its people were dedicated to wine, and specifically the De Las Heras family, who lived all their wine lifetime.

Vicenta de las Heras was married one day with a baker from Aranda and went to work in the bakery sector … But she never forgot the love she had for the vineyard, which her predecessors had transmitted to her.

In 1985, Vicenta de las Heras takes Julián Sardina, his son-in-law, to a family vineyard, where he says: “Look at this vineyard, it was from my aunts, my mother’s sisters, and I inherited it. What do you think? “It was an old vineyard, many strains were missing … Julian, who did not know much about the vineyards at the time, began to think and felt that the vineyard was positively hooked. So much so that today, after 30 years, the vineyard is still his passion and enthusiasm.

The vineyard is very grateful, and when you treat it well it gives an unbeatable product. Give some grapes that then with those grapes becomes an exceptional wine.

The history of a legacy

Tudanca Wines was born in La Horra, which is where Vicenta de las Heras had its 2-hectare vineyard planted, which it had inherited from its predecessors. Julián Sardina was converting that legacy by starting and optimizing the plantation over the years. Around that first vineyard, more land has been acquired over time, always high quality lands. Julián was advised by his uncles and people from the town of La Horra, who with long wine experience had a wide knowledge of the area and the best vineyards.

The wine is based on the quality of the land and the microclimate. And if there is good soil, and good weather like the Ribera del Duero has, the grape is good. With good grapes it is difficult to make bad wine.

A dream fulfilled

Vicenta worked in her workshop making cakes, but at harvest time she went with all her workers and some of her children to harvest. For two or three days they did the harvest for not losing the tradition of their ancestors. Vicenta was a visionary and tireless and enterprising woman, and Julian always suggested buying more land and making a winery to make a good wine one day. After many years taking care of the vineyard, the dreams were fulfilled, and in 2001 the first Tudanca wine was born.

Past, present and future

Today Vicenta’s dreams are channeled through Julián, who has enjoyed what he does for many years, being his hobby and passion. Julian is lucky that his saga continues his dream. His daughter Laura Sardina, granddaughter of Vicenta de las Heras, returned to the family environment after training in winemaking, and is currently at the forefront of the Tudanca wines with great enthusiasm. Vicenta’s dream is transmitted from generation to generation, which means a lot for this great family of wines. Tradition is a key piece in his philosophy.

Vicenta de las Heras lived to be 101 years old and today her family proudly bears her name as a stronghold of a working generation, sacrificed and who always wanted to pass on her legacy to her offspring. Nowadays, their children and grandchildren can enjoy and share with maximum satisfaction the wines that were part of their dream: Tudanca wines.

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