Tudanca wines have 36 Has of own vineyard, which come from the inheritance of Vicenta de las Heras, and subsequent acquisitions of the Sardina family. The original vineyard is located in La Horra,and the rest of the vineyards are located between La Horra and Gumiel de Mercado.

Soil and climate.

The soil of our vineyards is of clay-loam and sandy-loam of moderate fertility. Good soil drainage guarantees a sufficient water supply to the plants during the spring-summer periods.

Our vineyard is located in the middle of the Ribera del Duero, between 750 and 825 meters high.

An extreme continental climate, characteristic of the area, with a lot of temperature difference between day and night, makes the plants do well the photosynthesis and a balanced maturity is obtained.


In Vinos Tudanca, we pruned by differentiating our strains in glass and espalier. In the strains in glass selective pruning is carried out, adjusting the production and the vigor to maintain the balance in the plant. In our trellis vines, we have two driving systems: double cord and single cord.

All this to seek to obtain the best performance and balance wood-cluster, seeking to achieve an adequate relationship between phenolic and alcoholic maturity.

The plantation density according to farms is between 1,800 and 3,000 plants per Hectare. The measured yield of our vineyards is approximately 5,000 kg per Hectare, being below what is allowed in the Appellation and thus seeking the highest quality.

Our old vineyard is of very high quality, having strains in glass of 80 years of age. In espaldera, the ages of the plants oscillate between 15, 25 and 30 years.


Tudanca Wines make its wines in two facilities located in the towns of La Horra and Roa. In La Horra we elaborate in Bodegas Santa Eulalia; and in Roa we elaborate in Bodegas Solterra, where we have the most modern wine technology. The barrel park does not exceed 4 years, French and American oak.

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